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No more being stuck; it's time to conquer your dreams while nurturing your mind.

Solution-Focused. Goal-Oriented. Evidence-Based Support. Step Beyond Limits. Hello, Fearless Woman Entrepreneur! Are you tired of compromising your mental health for your ambitions? At Inherent Strength, we're here to guide you through the journey of breaking free from stagnation and embracing your full potential.




Balance your

You Deserve Both

A Goals Map is a roadmap to your life. A space where you can get all your personal and professional objectives out of your head and on to a single living document. Finally put into words what you really want. Download yours now!

free goals map

Start taking control of your future with our

    Unlock your potential for daily triumphs with a positive and healthy mindset.

    Embrace your inherent strength

    Conquer obstacles and make decisions aligned to your goals and true self.

    Gain Perspective

    Understand where you stand now and where you are headed.

    Achieve clarity

    nicole l.

    "Their mindfulness approach is refreshing. They definitely have a modern approach to therapy which is very helpful for busy Entrepreneurs like myself. I'd really recommend giving them a call."

    "Inherent Strength is absolutely                        "

    "Inherent Strength is absolutely                    "


    tim f.

    "Inherent Strength does an                               "

    "If you're looking for a modern approach to therapy, look no further. Highly recommend giving them a call!"

    "Inherent Strength does an                          "

    amazing job.

    Are you feeling this?

    Don't be lost anymore. There is a way forward and it's time you rediscover yourself. 

    Mental health barriers holding you back

    Lack of motivation 

    As if you have lost the real “you” 

    A sense of loneliness or isolation

    Feeling like something is missing 

    Frustration over small things

    do you experience:

    The demands of showing up fully for your career, your family, and yourself can take a toll on other important aspects of your life. When you're surrounded by non-stop distractions in your busy day-to-day life, the things that you once cherished—goals you set out to achieve — even your dreams, get pushed to the sidelines.

    Do you ever sense that life should change, but you're not sure how or where?

    Do you ever sense that life should change, but you're not sure how or where?

    it's time to unveil

    the best version of you. 

    family, relationships, or your career are complex or fallen out of alignment?

    Seeking your best life;

    you know you are not where you want to be and need to find your way forward?


    feeling stuck, wondering about life's direction or seeking fulfillment?


    Searching for relief from mental or emotional health challenges -

    Something nudged you in this direction...

    Let's begin.

    let's get started

    And let's do it together.

    compass. Let's unleash it for the dream life that you deserve.

    is your inner

    inherent strength


    You need a collaborative partner who understands the unique layers of your life. Who can help you design your path forward —discover what is possible, gain clarity, perspective and develop those inherent strengths that align with who you are, the values you hold and the goals you want to achieve.

    The problem is–a one size fits all approach fails to consider the unique person environment, values, strengths, culture, and mental health needs before being ready to set and achieve goals. 

    That’s precisely what we do together.

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    With so many coaches, mental health counselors, and training programs available, it's hard to know who to turn to. You want someone who understands you and what you're going though, someone you can trust, and that is not always easy.

    Simple tools to help you at home and in the world.

    achievable strategies. 


    modern thinking,

    Expertise. Passion. Strength.

    I've been in your shoes. I understand your desire and will to achieve greatness, happiness and create a life you love.

    With everything in our face constantly these days, it’s easy to forget (guilty!) that we have control of who we are, who we surround ourselves with, and what we do in our lives every single day.

    I started my career in the community working with lower-income families and was a Director in Corporate America before leaving the 9 to 5 grind behind to follow my dream of helping others do the same. Just like you, I felt weighed down by the things in my life that didn’t make me happy. From working long hours, being inactive, not finding time or the ability to do the things that I enjoyed, both my mental and physical health suffered. 

    I had to find a better way to live and enjoy every aspect of my life. 

    Licensed Mental Health Counselor, Coach, Blogger, Wife, and Mother.

    founder & ceo of inherent strength

    , lmhc

    I created INHERENT STRENGTH to bring a modern approach to overcoming mental health challenges and being able to reach the goals that make you happy and fulfilled. There are parts of coaching that fit into therapy, and vice versa. As Coaching Therapists, we have the ability to collaborate with you and focus on every aspect of your life—you get the best of both practices. 

    Today, and every day forward, our Coaching Therapists are ready to collaborate with you, help you discover and develop your inherent strengths so you can go out into the world and do amazing things you never thought possible.

    What I now call; Coaching Therapy.

    Rooted in evidence-based expertise.

    coaching therapists

    Mental Health Practitioners & Coaches

    You have the flexibility to do both - heal and work on your goals. 

    Our Modern Approach

    Old thinking: therapy treats mental health conditions, and coaching focuses on goals.

    Coaching vs. Therapy

    You don’t have to choose between Counseling & Coaching any more. We can leave that in the past! We’re flexible and experts in both approaches and that’s why Inherent Strength is different.

    Our Modern Thinking:

    allows for flexibility in your personalized journey. We meet you where you are and help you to break through barriers while working towards goals.

    Our unique hybrid approach

    is to help you discover and develop your inherent strengths based on your values, help you rediscover yourself, and create your best life.

    our mission

    Whatever you need to tackle our experts will lead the way.

    Life Transitions



    Mood Disorders



    Emotional Dysregulation

    Behavioral Challenges

    Self Esteem

    Business Partner

    Executive and Business 


    Couples Relationship 


    We provide specialized professional and effective mental health treatments to individuals with mild to severe mental health challenges.

     Instead of looking at mental health problems as issues, we like to look at them as life hurdles that we can work through together to achieve an all around healthier mind, body, and perspective.

    We provide coaching focused on helping you gain a better understanding of your core values and strengths to help you reach your goals.

    Together we will create an action plan and start setting and taking steps in motion towards long-term life changing solutions that allow you to create and live the life you want to today and every single day after.

    Schedule Your Free Discovery Call TO LEARN MORE

    Mental Health Psychotherapy


    Therapy and coaching. Blended for you.

    • Solution-Focused Brief Therapy (SFBT)
    • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)
    • Motivational Interviewing (MI)
    • Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT)
    •  Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy (REBT)
    • Trauma-Informed Care
    • Mindfulness
    • Meditation
    • Holistic methods

    coaching therapy

    approach include,

    our HYBRID

    but are not limited to:


    Therapy modalities & comprehensive coaching practices

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    We help you identify the goals that will truly make you happy based on your values and strengths. With a process and roadmap, we equip you to work towards and achieve those goals so you can create a life you truly love. 

    we go beyond promoting personal and professional mental wellbeing.

    simple yet effective

    Schedule A Free Discovery Call 

    Create A Plan

    Live A More Fulfilled Life & Enjoy Goals That Are Meaningful To You.

    With a Coaching Therapist of your choice, we’ll get to know you, explain our process and help you choose the best services.

    Together, we’ll identify strengths and values, create a road map with actionable steps and get to work.

    Start seeing positive changes and celebrate every success!

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    Step 2

    Step 1

    HIPAA Compliant and private.

    Telehealth & Virtual Services

    A simple and seamless process

    how to get started

    schedule your free discovery call





    We help with mental health challenges and coaching to reach your goals – we’re Coaching Therapists.

    We help simplify goal setting and make it possible.

    We bring knowledge and expertise: evidence-based practices that work for you.

    We only teach strategies that work and create tools to support our work together and for your future.

    What makes us the leading choice for mental health and coaching solutions across the country?

    The Inherent Strength Difference

    latest on the

    digital planner

    3 month digital -fillable Goals Planner to help you stay organized and on track to hitting your goals.
    Created by a Licensed Mental Health Counselor. Broken down into weekly goals with to-do’s, task lists and reflections specific to your goals. 

    Digital Workbook


    Goal setting is a huge part of finding alignment and happiness in life. By understanding what we value most, where we are in life RIGHT NOW and where we want to go, we can then start to define what our next steps are in order to bridge that gap and finally get to where we want to be.

    By setting your goals around your values, you can better identify goals that will be satisfying and meaningful to you. 
    Train your mind to master Personal and Goal Discovery, Setting & Mapping, Mindset and Accountability so you can achieve your goals now and continue to create successful momentum for your future in all areas of life- career, relationship, health, and so much more.


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    *Receive this workbook FREE with our Goal Setting for Happiness EBook. 

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    Start living in a way that makes you feel connected with yourself, your family, and your community – start living your best life.

    Stop feeling forced to live a life full of stress, perfectionism, and overwhelm.

    Find your clarity. 
    Discover and develop your inherent strengths.
    Simply create goals and make decisions aligned with your true self.