Navigating the complexities of entrepreneurship while being a dedicated mother is a unique journey. At Inherent Strength, we're here to provide specialized services that cater to your needs as a woman and a mother on your entrepreneurial path. Whether you need coaching, therapy, or a combination of both, we've got you covered.

Tailored Services for Your Success

Empowering Women Entrepreneurs

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Unlock your potential for daily triumphs with a positive and healthy mindset.

Embrace your inherent strength

Conquer obstacles and make decisions aligned to your goals and true self.

Gain Perspective

Understand where you stand now and where you are headed.

Achieve clarity


“I visited with Victoria during a very difficult time. I was taught not only how to recognize what I was feeling but also how to challenge my unhelpful thinking patterns. Reaching out to receive guidance from Inherent Strength was the best decision I’ve ever made—it has had such a positive impact on my everyday life!” 


“Victoria saved my marriage! Inherent Strength gave me a place to understand my insecurities, be honest with myself, and help me live my best life. If you want to be healed, call Victoria and her team at Inherent Strength.”

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If conventional methods can only go so far, our modern adaptation of convention can take you further–right where you want to be.

How do you know who to turn to?

Knowing where and how to get started with goal-setting or overcoming mental health obstacles is hard to figure out on your own. Sometimes, the solution is to work with a coach, but sometimes there may be a mental health obstacle holding you back before you can move forward.

Often, people make bold statements about setting goals without fully understanding what needs to be identified and clear before setting goals and achieving them. 
There is a process, there is a roadmap unique to your journey. 

Wondering why you get stuck in the same obstacles and mental health challenges?

Confused about what it means to hit your goals?  


At the intersection of your busy day-to-day life and your desire to want things that you once cherished—goals you set out to achieve — even your dreams, is YOU. 

This is your life to live, and you have the power and ability to make the lasting changes you need to fully live your best life.

We understand your concerns. 

When goal planning fails. It’s time for a breakthrough, not a breakdown.

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we can help.

to how you truly live happily –

make a lasting difference

If you’re ready to transform your life,

might be struggling to identify goals for yourself or what makes you happy.

might not be fully ready to move forward yet due to needing help breaking through mental health obstacles and past traumas that are holding you back.

have maybe worked with a therapist before & are ready to successfully use your tools and skills to move forward towards goals you are struggling to reach.

have hit a ceiling and are looking to move forward towards goals you have been unable to reach for one reason or another.

We specialize in working with professionals like you who:

At Inherent Strength, we understand and appreciate the extremely unique intersection of wanting to live your best life and being able to set and achieve goals that truly make you happy. 

We operate based on a foundation of clinical and research-based mental health principles as well as proven coaching techniques. 

We’re here to make the process simple + effective.

You have the flexibility to do both - heal and work on your goals. 

Our Modern Approach

Old thinking: therapy treats mental health conditions, and coaching focuses on goals.

Coaching vs. Therapy

Discover Your Path: Coaching and Therapy Combined

When it comes to achieving your goals and nurturing your well-being, you don't have to choose between coaching and therapy. We're experts in both domains, and we offer an integrated approach that addresses your mental health concerns while guiding you towards your business and personal objectives.

Business Partner

Executive and Business 


Couples Relationship 


We provide coaching focused on helping you gain a better understanding of your core values and strengths to help you reach your goals.

Together we will create an action plan and start setting and taking steps in motion towards long-term life changing solutions that allow you to create and live the life you want to today and every single day after.




Self Esteem

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Life Transitions



Mood Disorders

Emotional Dysregulation

Behavioral Challenges

We provide specialized professional and effective mental health treatments to individuals with mild to severe mental health challenges.

 Instead of looking at mental health problems as issues, we like to look at them as life hurdles that we can work through together to achieve an all around healthier mind, body, and perspective.

Mental Health Psychotherapy

Our Services: Navigating Different Aspects of Your Life

  • Solution-Focused Brief Therapy (SFBT)
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)
  • Motivational Interviewing (MI)
  • Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT)
  •  Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy (REBT)
  • Trauma-Informed Care
  • Mindfulness
  • Meditation
  • Holistic methods

but are not limited to:

approach include,

coaching therapy



Therapy modalities & comprehensive coaching practices

Start seeing positive changes and celebrate every success!

Live A More Fulfilled Life & Enjoy Goals That Are Meaningful To You.

Step 3

Together, we’ll identify strengths and values, create a road map with actionable steps and get to work.

Create A Plan

Step 2

With a Coaching Therapist of your choice, we’ll get to know you, explain our process and help you choose the best services.

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Step 1

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HIPAA Compliant and private.

Telehealth & Virtual Services

A simple and seamless process

how to get started

A typical Coaching Therapy session will last 55 minutes. Weekly sessions are often recommended to start with a decrease in sessions to bi-weekly and monthly as you progress towards your goals. You will determine your frequency with your Coaching Therapist throughout your time together with frequency being flexible depending on need. 


-We work alongside you to not only reach goals you have for yourself, but help you to identify, set, plan, & hit your goals based on your personalized life areas (Relationships, Career, Family, Friends, Money, Spirituality, Recreation, etc.)

 -We will teach you skills and provide tools that you can use today and tomorrow to keep hitting your goals in the future. 

Wherever you are at in your goals journey we can help you get there & set yourself up for future success, even if you don’t know where “there” is just yet. 

Our Coaching Therapy is provided through a secure and private telehealth platform offering video and phone options anywhere in the world. Coaching Therapy provides the best of both the therapeutic and coaching worlds. Our Coaching Therapists collaborate with you to determine if a more traditional therapeutic style, more of a coaching style or a mix is best for you. Coaching Therapy allows you the freedom to be you, offering flexibility to combine or switch between styles depending on your needs at the time.  

Once your first session is scheduled you will receive a link via email to join your secure telehealth session via our HIPPA & privacy complaintportal. You will also receive a reminder 24 hours prior to your first appointment to ensure a successful first session. Intake paperwork and questionnaires are securely sent through our portal to be completed before your first session. This helps us to learn more about you and be thoroughly prepared for our first session together. This also gets the paperwork out of the way so we can jump right into working together. 

We meet you online through the secure link for your first session. We'll review your initial paperwork, answer any questions and ensure that we are on the same page to walking alongside you in your journey. We'll provide you with any digital assignments or homework to ensure we are creating the perfect roadmap to help you live a life you love.

To get the most out of working with us we just ask that you are actively involved and honest, with us and yourself. From start to finish we will collaborate with you to identify and create the life of your dreams. It’s okay if you don’t fully know what that life looks like just yet. Ask questions. Get involved. This is your life and you have the power to create and live a life you love. Let us be your supportive and guiding partner on your journey. We can't wait to help you create the life of your dreams!

How do I get the most out of working with you?

How long/often will we meet?

I don’t know what goals really are or what I want them to be. Can you help?

How does Coaching Therapy work?

Your Questions, answered


latest on the

digital planner

3 month digital -fillable Goals Planner to help you stay organized and on track to hitting your goals.
Created by a Licensed Mental Health Counselor. Broken down into weekly goals with to-do’s, task lists and reflections specific to your goals. 

Digital Workbook


Goal setting is a huge part of finding alignment and happiness in life. By understanding what we value most, where we are in life RIGHT NOW and where we want to go, we can then start to define what our next steps are in order to bridge that gap and finally get to where we want to be.

By setting your goals around your values, you can better identify goals that will be satisfying and meaningful to you. 
Train your mind to master Personal and Goal Discovery, Setting & Mapping, Mindset and Accountability so you can achieve your goals now and continue to create successful momentum for your future in all areas of life- career, relationship, health, and so much more.


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